In the heals of 2017 there is a new adult webcam site called StripChat that is now very popular. Considering how fast these are attaining models and getting new users I had developed to take the time to share this web site with our visitors. Really, since arriving on the picture this site is continuing to grow at close to light speed. The site is named and it was made by one of the worlds largest porn tube sites online; XHamster. XHamster is of course well known because of their huge free porn site that was made favored by deep social features. Anyway the business behind of the worlds largest porn sites apparently is ramping up to provide the adult webcams business a significant challenge. The website is called


StripChat, a Leader in the Making?
StripChat launch has been one of the shiny areas in the adult webcams industry heading into 2017
Just a little research demonstrates planning has been underway a couple of years for this new live sex cams site as the website sold 24 months back. Evidently the sale was tied to this new site; with this business in mind. To offer a small amount of an idea how serious the business behind StripChat is approximately being truly a popular site they shelled out $50,000 for just the stripchat website. Similarly, XHamster their tube site garners so much traffic that they have already build up a loyal fan base and solid business centered around live webcams. Previously though it was all managed via a third party business whereby XHamster simply supplied a site and the traffic. With the StripChat business the models, the website, and everything is now 100% proprietary. Furthermore, since the launch just under six months ago the website now enjoys as many as 400 models on at once during peak hours. For all those acquainted with cam sites and those have the most models this is a very telling signal of the likelihood of success. This large number of online models is better than out a few of the old favorite adult webcam sites; sites which used to be considered industry market leaders like (review at that hyperlink).

Thereafter, the XHamsterLive site that used to be run by Streamate (reviews at that hyperlink). However, StripChat is now a totally 3rd party and rapidly growing adult webcams platform. Features
We begins our reviews with writing that site has deep efficiency and it is very apparent that a lot of market research has gone in to the UX. The user experience is great here not just because of the depth of good functionality but this live cam site has streamlined the user interface to highlight the features that get the most kilometers. Unlike Chaturbate (review at that link) you are not inundated with other features that really do not matter and few people use. Moreover the large ‘Start Private’ button is sheer brilliance. It makes it easy and obvious to see how you go private. It’s the lack of this clarity at the greater community nude strip sites that turns off those of us looking for true private adult webcam chat. is a favorite new adult cam site. is a popular new adult cam site.
The 3 main navigation buttons:

Popular: These are typically the most popular models judged by the number of viewers watching their live broadcast
New Models: They are of course new cam girls…and cam men as well as shemale cam models.
Spy on Shows: That is a voyeur or spy setting
SPECIAL Records: Additional things that stood out here was the convenience and speed at which you can enroll. It’s fast and simple PERIOD. That is clearly a weakness of many other contending cam sites. When you yourself have to waste materials 20 minutes to get started nobody desires to use the website. StripChat makes it a breeze to enter and get busy.

go-to-site Costs
The pricing is related to BongaCams (review at that link), if not a little cheaper. Expect to pay somewhere within $1.50 each and every minute to $3.00 each and every minute (paid via tokens) for live sex talk on cam. Also keep in mind that at all adult cam sites the models are actually independent contractors and so the adult cams sites have to let the models pick their own rates. This means each model lists the tokens per minute to speak to her. It’s boldly marked on each cam models web page so there is never any confusion.

StripChat Screen Capture (What to expect on arriving at this web site)


Among live sex webcams sites there are two types of cams sites. Technically StripChat is a freemium cam site because it’s sincerely free to join and no credit card is necessary. It stocks the similar design of public sex chat like Chaturbate and BongaCams, but what they do better still is also provide a private feel to the private show options. Possibly the dark black background theme alone it helps supply the private 1-on-1 cams shows a far more close feel. Trust Factors & Reviews Conclusion
It still early but right now we can’t find a fault with the website. Within the last 6 months we have been testing and trying StripChat and we’ve acquired no issues and overall it has been an extremely fun site to use. If we’d to provide some feedback for improvement it would you need to be the images used for top level models. They should require that only images of the models are used versus emoticons or other unrelated images. That’s nit-picky but it is the only thing that people didn’t enjoy about our encounters using StripChat. There are not as much American cam ladies as some of the sites which have been online for quite some time, but will draw in these models if indeed they market the website right and get more eye on the webpage. Overall it was a refreshingly easy and fun cam site with great prices. At the current time we must give a excellent score inside our StripChat reviews!



Lots of adult webcams reviews sites will cause you to believe that the live sex cam site you are exploring is a stand-alone site; we approach things differently. We really dig into all the details and share the actual company behind as far as the billing and administration end of their business. First, we organize all adult web cam sites (including those that operate on a white label agreement) under the actual platform they operate on. We think you need to know that 90% of all adult webcams sites like are actually just brand names with logos applied over the top of the true company that functions the website. Therefore, when you sign up for and use these branded adult webcam white label sites the owner of that url gets a divide of the income produced. That split is approximately 25%. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but we think you should be aware of this. As being a end user, you as the buyer are generally worried about wanting to get the info about the actual platform(s) that power these adult cam sites. These systems are where you will notice the distinctions in things like: a. costs, b. billing procedures, c. features comparisons, and d. security and safety issues.

“We can proudly say you can expect the only web site that shares reviews of the ACTUAL underlining systems for white label adult cam sites”.

Before we discuss realize that WHEN THE UNDERLINING PLATFORM is the SAME, the REVIEWS MUST BE THE SAME; REGADLESS FROM THE LOGO OR BRAND ON THAT SITE. This is of course because brands do not impact the items that would concern the you as an individual. Likewise, because there are now literally thousands of white label adult web cam sites, sites just like the only cost-effective way to cover all of them is to approach doing reviews to them in the style we do. Finally, so you know what we do, since there are actually just 4 or so different systems; our work is within initially collecting the many domain names and brands. Afterward we tie up the adult cam site reviews to the platform that powers them. Our goal is to clarify for you in details who you are actually being billed by and if the website is safe as well as how comes even close to other adult webcams sites. If the site is a scam we will come right away and let you know. This site isn’t a scam. You’ll also remember that we pass very little personal judgments on the websites and try to focus on just the facts but there are a few obvious conclusions that needs to be shared. If you wish to just quickly compare the mother or father companies platforms you can also just read those under the adult cam site reviews tabs.

So let’s talk facts about the live webcams site called . First off YES, is a safe website to use and join. However, it isn’t FREE nor are any adult webcams sites. This site is actually operated by a company called VideoSecrets theoretically called VSMedia. VideoSecrets offers a primary or main adult web cam site or company brand called Therefore, if you take a look at and then look at Flirt4Free you will notice the exact same site with all the EXACT SAME features, models, and costs.

Don’t simply take my word for it, check it out. Below is a model from as highlighted on Flirt4Free. Click on it and you can see first hand that both sites are actually the same site.

See what we should mean by examining this site! We share complete information on white label sites from Flirt4Free.
See what we should mean by examining this site!
So given that we have demonstrated you that the two sites are identical this means that the website name you are looking at is really the same atlanta divorce attorneys way as Flirt4Free. Hence, it makes better sense to become listed on the primary site. You can begin your free account here …or continue reading for more descriptive information about the site.

Real Costs of :
Costs: Typical models will charge between $3.00 – $5.00 per minute. Some are less and some are more. The great thing is you can peruse a huge selection of models 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the models that both meet your finances and fit your tastes. Models list the fetishes ands show types they enjoy or focus it. Also this adult webcam sites also offers past user reviews for each model. All models have their cost per minute clearly marked under their titles. This makes the real costs easy to see to avoid any misunderstandings. Again they provide sections to the site for both lgbt as well as right for men and women.
Payment types accepted: Visa, MasterCard, or any major credit credit card. You can even use Payoneer.

Favorite list feature: This is an extremely popular feature that many mature webcams sites offers. ‘Favoriting’ allows an individual to easily find models you marked as a, ‘favorite’ for shows at a later date.
Full contact: You are able to contact all models point even before you type a payment source (credit card for example). This is unique to the system and one of the extremely few mature cam sites that does not require credit credit card to join. That being said, maintain your credit card convenient because eventually you will need it to get any real shows.

Advanced community features: Models upon this platform like a huge collection of features that are unique to the flirt4free system. These include an interior awards system, the capability to sell and show videos from previous shows, and money other functions that make the platform very model friendly. Again, the real platform that operates is named Flirt4Free and we think it just makes more sense to become listed on from their main site.
Group Shows: group shows are ways to lower your costs over going private or exclusive. Models that are providing group shows arranged a buy in rate, typically 5 dollars or less and than you pay that price to visit a full show. You can make requests and interact during his or her show but the model will have many demands coming at once. In other instances the show maybe themed where you cannot make demands but instead a particular sex work will be performed and for the preset amount you access that live show. The purpose is for the model to make more by carrying out for many while the customer cost is lower since more customers are paying to see.
Contact information for mother or father company: VS Press Incorporated is situated at 4607 Lakeview Canyon Road #338 in Westlake Town California 91361 United States of America.

Sites like , Feature Evaluation, & Conclusion:
As you can see by reading the mother or father platform reviews which has a flirt4free cam sites that are similar, there are a huge selection of sites such as this one, but the system is the yet. What’s unique is the distributed platform of that is actually powering each one of these sites. They offers some of the most beautiful models in the world and incredibly advanced functions for both users and the performers. Both female and male performers often prefer working on this platform, which has a less cluttered consumer experience in comparison with other sites. Although it is not the lowest cost adult webcam site, it is a middle of the street adult cams site as it pertains to cost, but many would say that the system that power , being Flirt4Free, is actually more of a VIP or luxury cams experience. We suggest versus becoming a member of the alternate brand that you instead join this site immediate, via Flirt4Free their main site. (Why not join at the original site, right?). Presently this web site is also offering 120 free credits (CLAIM HERE) for new users to try out the system. These will be added to you credits balance when you buy your first package deal.